Home Depot


Re-design Home Depot’s lighting section for a better customer experience.


Home Depot is merely a destination — people shop there for the wide inventory and lower prices, which makes HD indistinguishable from competitors.

Most customers fall into two segments: DIFY (contractors, house-flippers who “do-it-for-you”) or DIY, and have two very different experiences at HD.

DIFY (Do-it-for-you)

Time is money. They want to get in, get out, and get back to work.

They’d like help locating items and checking-out as efficiently as possible so all they need is additional way-finding capabilities.


Focused on finding the right “ambience” for their home.

They’re unlikely to realize what’s involved in changing and installing different lighting units

Their purchase journey doesn’t begin and end in the physical store.


Home Depot can become the go-to guide (to lighting) for DIYers by focusing on their end-to-end shopping experience.



A DIYer’s journey begins when they’re inspired to make a change, which means their first stop is visual platforms like Pinterest and HGTV.

How can Home Depot help shoppers translate inspiration into action?

Design visualization tool. Home Depot already has an app with helpful tools like a nut and bolts guide. Adding a lighting tester would help customers figure out what fixtures would work for their home.


Once customers have a general idea of their preferred styles and price range, most will go online and start looking across all retailers to peruse inventory, compare prices, and read reviews.

Knowing customers may not turn to Home Depot first, or at all, how can HD become an invaluable resource?

Smart search that aggregates reviews from everywhere, and highlights information shoppers might not consider, but should know. People want what’s cheapest and looks the best initially, but should consider other factors (such as anticipated durability, quality of composite materials, bulb type) that will influence whether they’re still happy with their purchase in the future.


HD price tag with location code in bottom left corner

HD price tag with location code in bottom left corner

DIFYers know how to locate products by using the location codes on price tags (which list bay and aisle), but new shoppers find HD a confusing maze. DIYers depend on employees for navigation and information, but mistakenly believe that anybody with an orange apron is equipped to help them with lighting-specific questions.

How can HD enable customers to way-find on their own, leaving more employees available to answer questions; and help customers find the help they need?

Showcase the system with signs marking bays and aisles so all customers are aware of the location codes and can identify locations on their own.


Employee badges. We found that Home Depot employees collect badges that mark achievements, and wear them on their aprons. With customer-facing ones that indicate department and level of expertise, HD can help manage expectations and show customers that master electricians are on staff.

Real-life badge collection

Real-life badge collection



Tutorials that provide guidance with home installation and prompt for a quick exit review to see how satisfied customers are.