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a mini documentary about women rock climbers.

That was originally going to be about van-lifers.


I travelled to Asheville, NC, to interview people at the annual Asheville Van Life Rally. After returning to Richmond, VA, I lost about a third of my footage, and my most important interview, due to a mishap with an SD card.

Luckily, I had just enough time to switch my topic and had an alternative subculture already lined up; I’d registered for the Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival in Chattanooga, TN, earlier on in the semester just for personal fun.


While this project was unexpectedly stressful (I had a few other hiccups along the way), I got to spend two weekends outside, met some neat people, and led my first 5.9 on trad — so rad!

Apologies in advance for how shaky some shots are. I unknowingly checked-out a janky tripod that wouldn’t swivel smoothly, or on a straight plane.